last changelog

We are evaluating the future of the project and will be performing some housekeeping between Christmas and New Year. Schedules not having run the in the last 360 days will be deleted and schedules returning http status 403 or 404 repeatedly (for more than 7 executions) will be deleted.


all services & tools are:

1 whisky donations are welcomed.
2 restrictions may be imposed without notice.
3 malicious accounts / usage will be blocked without notice.
4 other than our best efforts.
5 we aim to not have downtime and respond to contacts/abuse within 3 working days.
6 email address & password8.
7 no privacy is guaranteed but 4 applies.
8 passwords are unsalted md5, deal with it (very complex and unique recommended).
9 99% of this system is built upon open-source technologies, all licences respected.